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If you are involved in a legal case, you should get yourself Jeremy Schulman who specialises in Commercial Litigation. Employing a lawyer is a smart move because of the multiple ways in which he can assist you over the course of time.

If you do have a legal issue, you should be aware of the fact that retaining the services of a Commercial Litigation attorney is not your only available choice. When looking to hire one, here are a few things to keep in mind.

One of the areas of the Commercial Litigation field that is expanding at one of the highest rates is the area of high-tech companies. They are continuously innovating, and as their businesses grow, they are discovering new ways to take advantage of the law. Infringement of patents and the breaking of online contracts are two examples of the newly surfacing grounds for legal action.
In addition to this, high-tech businesses are experiencing rapid expansion and are playing an increasingly important role in Commercial Litigation. Intellectual property disputes typically involve high-dollar settlements and significant levels of legal exposure for high-tech companies.

In most cases, the steps involved in Commercial Litigation are similar to those that are taken during the course of civil litigation. The plaintiff secures legal representation, and the attorneys for both sides conduct research into the relevant legal provisions.
After that, the attorneys begin negotiating a settlement of some kind. In the event that the parties are unable to reach an agreement, the attorney for the defendant will initiate a legal action. In addition to this, the attorneys for both sides participate in the discovery process and practise making motions. At the conclusion of the process, attorneys for both sides will appear in court to argue their respective positions. Commercial Litigation is a process that can take years to complete.