Don’t Be That Guy: 4 Trolling Motor Battery Safety Tips

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A trolling motor can be a personal-comprised device that features an electric motor, propeller, and handles, and it is attached with an angler’s boat. The Lithium Trolling Motor Battery can be used to drive the vessel slowly forward or maybe in a specific path, enabling the angler to fish in locations that are too shallow for any motorboat designed with a fuel engine, or to stealthily strategy fish.

In this particular post, we’ll be speaking about a number of techniques for safely and securely employing a trolling motor battery. By simply following the following tips, you may lengthen the life span of your respective trolling motor battery and prevent any possible mishaps.

A number of Methods for Utilizing a Trolling Motor Battery Properly

1.Keep your battery clean and dried out.

This one looks like a no-brainer, but it’s worth mentioning simply because it’s this kind of an essential part of battery maintenance. In case your battery is clean and dry, it would last longer and conduct much better. To clean your battery, basically clean it down using a damp fabric. Make sure to take away any deterioration through the terminals also.

2.Don’t overcharge your battery.

When you’re completed making use of your trolling motor for a day, be sure you disconnect the battery from the charger when it gets to total charge. Overcharging your battery can shorten its lifespan and cause damage to the cells.

3.Don’t discharge your battery a lot of.

In the same way to overcharging, discharging your battery too much can also reduce its lifespan and problems the cellular material. Try to avoid running your trolling motor in excess of 8 hrs at the same time without re-charging the battery.

4.Shop your battery properly when not being utilised.

When you’re not making use of your trolling motor, it’s vital that you keep the battery properly to extend its life-time. When possible, keep the battery in the cool and dried up location out from direct sunlight. You might also be considering disconnecting the terminals in order to avoid deterioration.


Adhering to these easy suggestions may help expand the life of your trolling motor power packs preventing any accidents from going on. Do you possess any extra recommendations? Tell us within the responses below!