How to Clear a Slot Machine with a Magnet

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Emptying a slot device with a magnet is one of the most ancient and many well-known methods of cheated. It’s also certainly one of the most effective to get trapped and blocked from a internet casino. Why then accomplishes this technique continue to be utilized by cheaters? In other words, it’s as it operates. Magnets can interrupt the impulses that notify the slot equipment when to pay out, tricking the device into considering it’s hit the jackpot. Keep on to study to find out more about How is roulette played? (¿Cómo se juega la ruleta?)? .

Needless to say, gambling establishments are familiar with this process of cheating and get considered procedures to protect against it. But that doesn’t signify cheaters don’t still try it out. Actually, there was clearly a latest scenario by which a guy was trapped and charged with seeking to use a magnet to empty a slot equipment in Las Vegas. Thus if you’re contemplating unfaithful by making use of a magnet, be warned: you could potentially land in prison.

How Magnets Job on Slot Machines

Slot machines use devices to detect when coins or tokens are already placed. These sensors are located in the coin hopper, that is the area of the unit where coins or tokens are kept once they are placed. The detectors recognize coin exercise and send signs to the microprocessor, which is accountable for handling the payout mechanism.

Through the use of a magnet on the coin hopper, cheaters can disrupt these signs and strategy the machine into believing that coins or tokens have been inserted after they haven’t. This could cause the microprocessor to switch on the payment process, emptying the hopper of its items.

Casino Countermeasures

Most gambling houses these days use newer slot machines that are much more difficult to cheat with magnets. These machines are loaded with unique anti-cheating devices that identify when magnets are being used on them. If magnets are detected, the machine will automatically turn off and stop any further engage in. Sometimes, an alarm will noise to alert stability that someone is trying to cheat.


Magnets works extremely well to cheat on slot machines, but doing this will more than likely cause acquiring caught and suspended from the casino—or worse. So unless you’re ready to get that chance, we suggest avoiding this technique of cheating altogether.