Important things that you need to know about your makeup sponge

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If you take a look at a girl’s makeup kit, you will find at least one makeup sponge. A makeup sponge is a very important part of any makeup application because it acts as a blender. Before buying and even using a makeup sponge, there are many important things that you must know. Here are some of the ways to use a makeup sponge
Use the sponge while dumb
To avoid any tears and possible rips, you should consider using the sponge while dumb. It will be suitable for you to place the blender under the tap for some time to absorb some water. You can then squeeze the excess water before putting it into great use. When your sponge is saturated, it will not suck all the products from your face.
Press the makeup sponge into your skin
Instead of sweeping the sponge across your skin, you are advised to press it against it. One common mistake that many people do make is using the sponge in a sliding r swiping motion. The power of a makeup sponge is to dab the product and press it directly into your skin. That way, you will easily be able to achieve an airbrushed look.
It can be used to apply skincare products
There are many other things that a makeup sponge can do and among them is applying your skincare products. If you are using any liquid skincare products, your makeup sponge can help you with the application. Among the products that the sponge can help apply to include the moisturizer, the essences, and the serum. The only important step that you must take is wetting the sponge, applying your preferred product to the sponge and then apply directly to your face. A makeup sponge is one makeup tool that makes product application to be easy,