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Introduction: Worldwide of executive protection, just about the most essential capabilities that a professional may have is defensive driving a car. When you find yourself responsible for the protection of another particular person, you ought to be capable to expect and get away from prospective threats on your way. Here are a few defensive driving a car strategies that each and every executive protection skilled need to know.

Checking the region In advance

Probably the most important matters you can do while driving a car is to constantly scan the spot ahead of time for prospective dangers. This implies seeking not only at the cars in front of you but in addition on the vehicles aside and at the back of you. You should also search for people on the streets, creatures, and also other obstructions that could potentially lead to an accident. By constantly scanning the spot surrounding you, you will be greater willing to react to any probable threats.

Maintaining a secure Length Between Cars

It is important to usually conserve a risk-free distance involving the automobile and the car before you. This will provide you with enough time to quit if required and also will ensure it is unlikely that your particular vehicle will be involved in a rear-conclusion crash. The principle is usually to leave a single automobile size for each 10 mph that you are touring. So, when you are driving 30 mph, you must abandon three auto lengths between yourself along with the vehicle in front of you.

Observing for Traveling Risks

A number of driving risks will be more popular as opposed to others. Such as things such as poor climate, construction areas, and highway rage. For an executive protection professional, it is actually your job to foresee these threats and do something in order to avoid them. As an example, in case you are expecting awful weather, you may want to let yourself additional time to obtain your location moving to help you spend some time and travel properly. If you notice a development region ahead, you might want to modify lanes or decelerate to enable you to travel through it properly. And if you notice indications of street rage, including Tailgating or competitive completing, it is important to relax and steer clear of getting into a confrontation with the other motorist.


Protective traveling is an important skill for almost any vip protection course skilled. By following these defensive driving a vehicle recommendations, you may help to keep your consumer secure while on the streets.